Saturday, January 30, 2010

Audit Reconsideration

Seattle IRS Audit Reconsideration

An IRS Audit Reconsideration is one of the several ways to challenge a IRS assessment. The process is more informal than many of the other options.

The IRS will accept an Audit Reconsideration Request if:

1) You submit information that has not previously been considered (business expenses)
2) You have filed a return for the year in question
3) You believe the IRS made a compuration or processing error in assessing your tax,
4) The liability is upaind or credits are denied.

The IRS will NOT accept a reconsideration request if:

1) You previously agreed to by the amount you owe by signing a Closing Agreement (Form 906), a Compromise Agreement, or an agreem on Form 870 AD with the Appeals Office.
2) The US Tax Court or another court has issued a final determination on your tax liability.

If you seek an Audit Reconsideration, you will need to:
1) Formally write the IRS
2) Include all relevant documentation
3) Include a copy of your examination report (Form 4549)
4) Send all materials to

Internal Revenue Service;
P.O. Box 12067 Stop 84205
Fresno, CA 93776

For more information, consider contacting a Seattle Tax Attorney.

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